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Verifying That Graceful Routing Engine Switchover Is Working in the Virtual Chassis


Verify that a Graceful Routing Engine switchover (GRES) between two member switches acting as the primary and backup routing engines in a Virtual Chassis has occurred.


On the primary switch, verify the member ID of the backup Routing Engine:

  1. Connect to the backup Routing Engine:

  2. Verify that the backup Routing Engine is ready for switchover on member ID 1:

  3. Switch the current backup Routing Engine to primary Routing Engine:


    You must wait a minimum of two minutes between Routing Engine failovers for the Routing Engines to synchronize.

  4. Verify that the primary and backup Routing Engines have switched roles:


    Member ID 1 is now the primary and member ID 0 is now the backup.


With graceful Routing Engine switchover enabled, when you initiated a switchover from the backup Routing Engine, the backup Routing Engine became the primary and the primary Routing Engine became the backup.