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Virtual Chassis SNMP Traps

Junos OS supports the use of SNMP traps to monitor the routers, switches, and other devices in your network.

MX Virtual Chassis supports the following enterprise-specific traps:

  • jnxVccpPortUp

  • jnxVccpPortDown

An unexpected SNMP trap of jnxVccpPortDown with a jnxVirtualChassisPortOperStatus value of 2 (down) should be treated as a critical notification, as it indicates one or more of the VCP-interfaces has undergone a failure, and may result in degraded performance or decreased resiliency to further errors until the status is cleared by a jnxVccpPortUp with jnxVirtualChassisPortOperStatus value equal to 1 (up).

A detailed description may be found in the MIB, located