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Verifying the Virtual Chassis Fabric Mode Settings


Verify the Virtual Chassis Fabric (VCF) mode settings on a device.

You configure devices in a VCF into fabric mode using the request virtual-chassis mode fabric command so the devices can operate properly in a VCF.

For a mixed VCF, you must also configure each device into mixed mode using the request virtual-chassis mode mixed command.

You must also configure a device out of mixed and fabric mode if it is removed from a VCF and placed into your network in a different role.


To display the current mode of a device:


The output indicates that the switch is currently in mixed and fabric mode.

The output also indicates that the mode will not change when the device is rebooted without further configuration.

You must reboot the device to change the fabric or mixed mode, so the Future mode after reboot output differs from the Current mode output when the mode has been changed but the device has not been rebooted.