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Verifying Virtual Chassis Ports in an EX8200 Virtual Chassis


Verify that the Virtual Chassis ports (VCPs) in the EX8200 Virtual Chassis are properly configured. This task is particularly important as a method of confirming the user-configured VCP connection between two EX8200 switches.


Verify the type, status, speed, and neighbor ID and interface of each VCP on an EX8200 switch or an XRE200 External Routing Engine:


Members 0 through 7 in an EX8200 Virtual Chassis are reserved for EX8200 switches, so we know this output from member 0 shows the VCP connections from an EX8200 member switch.

The output shows that the switch has a dedicated VCP connection to each external Routing Engine—member IDs 8 and 9, which are always external Routing Engines. These links are dedicated because they are connections to an external Routing Engine.

The output also shows a VCP link between two EX8200 switches (member 0 and member 1). VCP links between EX8200 member switches must be user-configured, and the Configured Type output is a result of this user configuration. This VCP link is from interface vcp–3/0/2 on the switch to interface vcp–4/0/2 of the switch acting as member 1.

Trunk ID -1 is used to indicate a link is not part of a link aggregation group (LAG). This output shows that no links in this configuration are part of a LAG.