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Installing Software for a Single Device in an EX8200 Virtual Chassis

You can use this procedure to upgrade the software on a single device in an EX8200 Virtual Chassis. This procedure is most useful when one device that was previously recognized as active in the Virtual Chassis is no longer recognized as active and the reason for that lack of recognition is likely related to a software version mismatch between this device and the other Virtual Chassis members.

Generally, the preferred method of upgrading a Virtual Chassis is to upgrade all devices in the Virtual Chassis at the same time to ensure all members are running the same version of Junos OS. See Installing Software for All Devices in an EX8200 Virtual Chassis

If you are adding a single device to an existing Virtual Chassis, upgrade that device to the version of Junos OS currently running in the Virtual Chassis before you connect the device. The following procedure cannot be used in that scenario, as the Virtual Chassis will not recognize the new device until the software mismatch is corrected. See Adding or Replacing a Member Switch or an External Routing Engine in an EX8200 Virtual Chassis (CLI Procedure).

To upgrade software for a single device in an EX8200 Virtual Chassis:

  1. Download the software package. The software package in this procedure is always the XRE200 software package, even if you are upgrading the software on a member switch.
  2. (Optional) Back up the current software configuration to a second storage option. See the Junos OS Installation and Upgrade Guide.
  3. (Optional) Copy the software package to the primary external Routing Engine. We recommend that you use FTP to copy the file to the /var/tmp directory.

    This step is optional because you can also upgrade Junos OS when the software image is stored at a remote location. This procedure describes the software upgrade process for both scenarios.

  4. Install the new package:

    A reboot, which occurs as part of the execution of the following command, is required to complete the software upgrade. If you want to reboot the external Routing Engine or switch at a later time, do not use the reboot option at this point of the procedure and enter the request system reboot command at a later time to reboot the device.

    Replace source with one of the following paths:

    • For a software package that is installed from a local directory on the external Routing Engine—/pathname/package-name-m.nZx-distribution.tgz.

    • For a software package that is downloaded and installed from a remote location:

      • ftp://hostname/pathname/package-name-m.nZx-distribution.tgz

      • http://hostname/pathname/package-name-m.nZx-distribution.tgz

    where package-name-m.nZx-distribution.tgz is, for example, jinstall-ex-xre200–10.4R1.8-domestic-signed.tgz.

    Replace member-id with the member ID of the device receiving the upgrade.