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Verifying Hard Disk Memory Status on an XRE200 External Routing Engine


Verify that the hard disk memory on your XRE200 External Routing Engine is functioning properly.


  1. Run a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) memory and diagnostics monitoring test:

  2. View the test results that appear on the screen:


These results confirm that both HDD modules are functioning properly, as shown by the status of On-line for both Drive0 and Drive1. If your HDD module is not functioning properly, the status is Off-line or Unknown.

If the status is Off-line for Drive0 or Drive1, verify that the HDD module is securely seated in its slot. If the status is Unknown for either drive, wait a few minutes then retry the test. If you are unable to return the status to On-line, contact Juniper Networks customer support (JTAC). See Contact Customer Support to Obtain Return Material Authorization.

The results also show that RAID storage, as indicated in the RAID Status output, is Healthy. RAID storage technology manages storage between the redundant HDD modules in the XRE200 External Routing Engine. If RAID storage is not functioning properly, the status is Degraded or Unknown.

If Degraded appears in the RAID Status field, contact customer support.

If the RAID Status is Unknown, wait a few minutes, then retry the test. If the status remains Unknown after the second test, contact JTAC.


The remainder of the test results output is either informational or intended for customer support purposes only.