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Configuring an EX8200 Virtual Chassis (CLI Procedure)

You can configure an EX8200 Virtual Chassis to include up to four EX8200 switches and one or two XRE200 External Routing Engines. You interconnect the member switches by connecting them to the external Routing Engines, whose ports automatically function as Virtual Chassis ports (VCPs). A VCP is any port whose function is to send and receive Virtual Chassis Control Protocol (VCCP) traffic to create, monitor, and maintain the Virtual Chassis. VCPs also carry data traffic through the Virtual Chassis.

If you want to add paths for VCCP traffic within an EX8200 Virtual Chassis, you can also configure VCP links between member switches. See Setting a 10-Gigabit Ethernet Port as a Virtual Chassis Port in an EX8200 Virtual Chassis (CLI Procedure).

To configure an EX8200 Virtual Chassis:

  1. Log into each EX8200 member switch and revert the switch to the factory default configuration:

    See Reverting to the Default Factory Configuration for the EX Series Switch for additional information on this process.

  2. Configure a password for the EX8200 switch. See Connecting and Configuring an EX Series Switch (CLI Procedure).
    Best Practice:

    You should always access the EX8200 Virtual Chassis through the primary XRE200 External Routing Engine. However, configuring the password ensures that you can access the EX8200 member switch for purposes such as local monitoring or debugging.

  3. Set each EX8200 switch as a Virtual Chassis member:

    Follow the CLI prompts. You must reboot the switch to complete this procedure.

  4. Upgrade the software on all switches and external Routing Engines in the Virtual Chassis to the same Junos OS release. All switches and external Routing Engines must be running the same version of Junos OS before being connected into a Virtual Chassis. See Installing Software on an EX Series Switch with a Virtual Chassis or Single Routing Engine (CLI Procedure), Installing Software on an EX Series Switch with Redundant Routing Engines (CLI Procedure), or Upgrading Software on an EX6200 or EX8200 Standalone Switch Using Nonstop Software Upgrade (CLI Procedure).
  5. Make a list of the serial numbers of all switches and external Routing Engines to be connected in the Virtual Chassis configuration. For EX8208 switches, use the backplane serial number. For EX8216 switches, use the midplane serial number. See Locating the Serial Number on an EX8200 Switch or Component and Locating the Serial Number on an XRE200 External Routing Engine or Component.
  6. If both external Routing Engines are already powered on, skip this step.

    Power on one of the external Routing Engines. The external Routing Engine with the most uptime is assigned the primary role, so the external Routing Engine that is powered on in this step is the primary external Routing Engine.

  7. Log in to the primary external Routing Engine and specify the preprovisioned configuration mode. If the external Routing Engine primary role has not been determined, log in to the external Routing Engine that has been powered on the longest.

    You must use a preprovisioned configuration to configure an EX8200 Virtual Chassis. Nonprovisioned configuration is not supported.

  8. Specify all members for the Virtual Chassis, listing each switch’s or external Routing Engine’s serial number, member ID, and role:

    For example:


    An EX8200 Virtual Chassis does not function properly when an external Routing Engine is configured to use a member ID other than 8 or 9. When the EX8200 Virtual Chassis configuration is not preprovisioned, the external Routing Engine assumes a member ID that is not 8 or 9. The EX8200 Virtual Chassis cannot be formed until this member ID configuration is changed using this procedure.

  9. Interconnect the member switches and external Routing Engines. See Connecting an EX8200 Switch to an XRE200 External Routing Engine, Interconnecting XRE200 External Routing Engines, and Setting a 10-Gigabit Ethernet Port as a Virtual Chassis Port in an EX8200 Virtual Chassis (CLI Procedure).
  10. Commit the configuration:
  11. Power on the backup external Routing Engine if it is not already powered on.