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Performing a Software Recovery Installation for an XRE200 External Routing Engine

This process can be used in any scenario when a software recovery upgrade of an XRE200 External Routing Engine is needed. A software recovery upgrade might be needed in several scenarios, including cases when the CLI prompt is unreachable or the external Routing Engine is continually rebooting and other troubleshooting methods have failed to address the problem.

This procedure copies the Junos OS image on USB flash memory onto an XRE200 External Routing Engine. The external Routing Engine then boots using that Junos OS image.

Ensure that you have the following tools and parts available:

To perform a software recovery installation:

  1. Download the Junos OS package that you would like to place onto the external Routing Engine from the Internet onto the USB flash drive by using your computer or other device.

    In most cases, you should download the Junos OS image running on the other devices in your EX8200 Virtual Chassis onto USB flash memory. Booting the external Routing Engine with the same software currently running within the EX8200 Virtual Chassis ensures that the external Routing Engine will be recognized by the other Virtual Chassis member devices after the recovery upgrade.

  2. Remove the USB flash drive from the computer or other device.
  3. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port on the external Routing Engine.
  4. Power off the external Routing Engine. See Powering Off an XRE200 External Routing Engine.
  5. Reconnect power to the external Routing Engine: When you see the following prompt:

    press the R key to select the recovery software upgrade procedure.

  6. Start the recovery: When the following prompt appears on your external Routing Engine:

    press the the 2 key.


    If you have loaded multiple software recovery packages onto the USB flash drive, you are prompted to select which package to use for the recovery. See request system software recovery-package for additional information.

    Press the 2 key.

  7. Monitor the output:

    The external Routing Engine reboots to complete the procedure.

  8. When you see the CLI prompt, remove the USB flash memory card from the USB port on the external Routing Engine.