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Understanding Virtual Chassis Member ID Numbering in an EX8200 Virtual Chassis

An EX8200 Virtual Chassis contains member IDs 0 through 9. Member IDs 0 through 7 are reserved for Juniper Networks EX8200 Ethernet Switches, which always assume the linecard role in the EX8200 Virtual Chassis.

Member IDs 8 and 9 are reserved for the XRE200 External Routing Engines, which assume either the primary or backup role in the EX8200 Virtual Chassis. These member IDs must be configured before configuring an EX8200 Virtual Chassis. If an XRE200 is not configured as member ID 8 or 9 before connecting to a Virtual Chassis, it will not work until one of these member IDs is configured.

The primary and backup roles for XRE200 External Routing Engines are determined by external Routing Engine uptime; the external Routing Engine that has been up the longest is selected for the primary role. The role has no correlation to member ID; a primary or backup XRE200 External Routing Engine can be member ID 8 or 9.

Table 1 summarizes EX8200 Virtual Chassis member IDs and roles.

Table 1: EX8200 Virtual Chassis Roles and Member IDs
Hardware Role Member IDs

EX8208 or EX8216 switch



XRE200 External Routing Engine

Primary, Backup