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Understanding Global Management of an EX8200 Virtual Chassis

An EX8200 Virtual Chassis is composed of up to four EX8200 switches and up to two XRE200 External Routing Engines, so it has up to 10 console (CON) ports and accessible out-of-band management (MGMT) ports. The XRE200 External Routing Engines MGMT ports are accessible through the network; the EX8200 switch management ports are connected to the external Routing Engines.

You can configure an EX8200 Virtual Chassis by logging in to the out-of-band management (MGMT) port or to the console (CON) port of the primary external Routing Engine.

If you log in to the backup external Routing Engine or in to a member switch and then want to configure the EX8200 Virtual Chassis, either cancel your session and log in to the primary external Routing Engine or issue the request session member command to redirect your session to the primary external Routing Engine.