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Understanding File Storage in an EX8200 Virtual Chassis

An XRE200 External Routing Engine is shipped with two 160 GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) modules. The HDD modules are fully redundant file storage units; all content that is stored on one HDD module is stored on the other HDD module. This redundancy helps ensure that no files are lost if one HDD module is unusable for any reason.

In an EX8200 Virtual Chassis, the primary external Routing Engine is responsible for most Routing Engine functions for all switches in the Virtual Chassis. This responsibility extends to file storage; the external Routing Engine stores many of the files related to the Virtual Chassis, including:

  • Software packages—You can use the XRE200 External Routing Engine software package to upgrade all devices in the Virtual Chassis simultaneously. You can store these packages on the external Routing Engine for the entire Virtual Chassis.

  • Log files—All log files related to all devices in the EX8200 Virtual Chassis are stored on the XRE200 External Routing Engines. The EX8200 member switches continue to store logs related to their local functions.

  • Configuration files—The XRE200 External Routing Engine has its own configuration file. This configuration file configures the Virtual Chassis itself and configures the network parameters for all network traffic entering and leaving the Virtual Chassis.

    Starting in Junos OS Release 12.3R1, configuration files are saved to both XRE200 External Routing Engines and to both Routing Engines or Switch Fabric and Routing Engines on all EX8200 member switches each time a configuration is committed.

The XRE200 External Routing Engine uses RAID storage technology to manage file storage between the HDD modules. The RAID file storage management is handled automatically and is not user-configurable. If you suspect a memory problem with your external Routing Engine, you can run an HDD memory and diagnostics monitoring test. The test results provide information on the health of RAID and the HDD modules. See Verifying Hard Disk Memory Status on an XRE200 External Routing Engine.