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Hierarchy Level


You can create your own custom response pages based on a predefined template HTML file for a URL that is configured with block or quarantine actions in the Content Security Web filtering profile. By default, Your security device provides a predefined HTML template file, which is saved at the local folder /var/db/utm/ custom_page/wf_block_page_tmpl.html. You can update the following parameters in the HTML file based on your requirements:

  • Change the title and text content.

  • Remove one or all lines of variables.

  • Add links to your internal resources to communicate your specific acceptable use policies and corporate branding.

The maximum size of the page file is limited to 2K bytes. We recommend you not add JavaScript in the contents of the HTML template page, because the JavaScript will have full access to the cookies of the blocked website.

If you accidentally change or delete the HTML file does not affect the response page until you reboot the system or execute the request security utm web-filtering custom-page reload command.

If you configure a non-existent HTML file, the system displays a warning message when you commit the configuration. The configuration will be successfully submitted, but this configuration will not be available. The system displays the warning message every time you commit the configuration.

You cannot upload an HTML file for a user logical system. Therefore, you can only use the existing HTML files in the device until Jweb supports HTML file upload for a user logical systems.

In the chassis cluster scenario, you need to ensure that there is the same HTML file in the specified path of each node.

If the custom-message configuration is invalid or you do not configure an HTML file, the system displays the default block page for a blocked or quarantined webpage.



Name of custom page file.

Required Privilege Level


Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 20.4R1.