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interface (VoIP)


Hierarchy Level

  • For platforms with ELS:

  • For platforms without ELS:


(Required) Enable voice over IP (VoIP) on interfaces.



Enable VoIP on all interfaces.


Enable VoIP on a specific interface.


(Switches without ELS only) Enable VoIP on all access ports.

forwarding-class forwarding-class

(Optional) For EX Series switches, configure the forwarding class used to handle packets on the VoIP interface.


The forwarding-class statement at the [edit ethernet-switching-options voip interface interface-name] hierarchy level is used only by LLDP-MED for advertising the capabilities of VoIP phones. It is not used to classify VoIP traffic.

  • Values: Specify one of the following:

    • assured-forwarding— Assured forwarding (AF) provides a group of values you can define and includes four subclasses: AF1, AF2, AF3, and AF4, each with three drop probabilities: low, medium, and high.

    • best-effort—Provides no service profile. For the best effort forwarding class, loss priority is typically not carried in a class-of-service (CoS) value, and random early detection (RED) drop profiles are more aggressive.

    • expedited-forwading—Provides a low loss, low latency, low jitter, assured bandwidth, end-to-end service.

    • network-control—Provides a typically high priority because it supports protocol control.

  • Default: Disabled

vlan (vlan-id | vlan-name | untagged)

(Required) Specify the VLAN name or VLAN tag identifier associated with the VLAN to be sent from the authenticating server to the IP phone or allow untagged VLAN traffic.

  • Syntax: Specify one of the following:

    • vlan-name—Name of a VLAN.

    • vlan-id—The VLAN tag identifier.

    • untagged—Allow untagged VLAN traffic.

  • Range: vlan-id range is 1 through 4094. Tags 0 and 4095 are reserved by the Junos OS; do not configure them.

Required Privilege Level

routing—To view this statement in the configuration.

routing-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 9.0.

Hierarchy level [edit switch-options] introduced in Junos OS Release 13.2X50-D10. (See Using the Enhanced Layer 2 Software CLI for information about ELS.)