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Defining CoS Code-Point Aliases

You can use code-point aliases to streamline the process of configuring CoS features on your switch. A code-point alias assigns a name to a pattern of code-point bits. You can use this name instead of the bit pattern when you configure other CoS components such as classifiers and rewrite rules.

You can configure code-point aliases for the following CoS marker types:

  • DSCP or DSCP IPv6—Handles incoming IPv4 or IPv6 packets.

  • IEEE 802.1p—Handles Layer 2 frames.

To configure a code-point alias:

  1. Specify a CoS marker type (IEEE 802.1 or DSCP).
  2. Assign an alias.
  3. Specify the code point that corresponds to the alias.

For example, to configure a code-point alias for an IEEE 802.1 CoS marker type that has the alias name be2 and maps to the code-point bits 001: