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Configuring a PTP Transparent Clock

ACX Series routers supports transparent clock functionality. A Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Transparent clock measures the residence time of PTP packets as they pass through router. This residence time is added to the Correction Field of the PTP packet.


Starting in Junos OS Release 17.1 onwards, to configure transparent clock, include the e2e-transparent CLI command at the [edit protocols ptp] hierarchy level. Prior to Junos OS Release 17.1, to configure transparent clock, include the transparent-clock CLI command at the [edit protocols ptp] hierarchy level.

The following points need to be considered while configuring a PTP transparent clock in ACX routers:

  • Domain numbers—Transparent clock functionality would compute the residence time for PTP packets belonging to all domains.

  • PTP-over-MPLS—Transparent clock functionality do not support PTP carried over MPLS in ACX routers.

The PTP transparent clock functionality is supported on PTP-over-IP and PTP-over-Ethernet (PTPoE).


ACX routers do not support PTPoE over VLANs when it works in ordinary clock or boundary clock mode.

To configure a PTP transparent clock:

  1. Configure the clock mode:

  2. Configure the transparent clock:

  3. (Optional) Enable PHY Timestamping. The PHY timestamping is disabled by default.