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Configuring Precision Time Protocol Over Integrated Routing and Bridging

Junos OS for ACX Series router supports configuring precision time protocol (PTP) over integrated routing and bridging (IRB). You can configure a boundary clock node with PTP (IPv4) over IRB in a primary-only mode across single or multiple IRB logical interfaces.


Starting in Junos OS Release 20.1R1, PTP is supported over IRB on primary interface configurations for MPC7E line cards. This release also supports the configuration of aggregated Ethernet over IRB. The disable-lag-revertive-switchover command is also added at a global level. This configuration enables nonrevertive switchover for a LAG.

To configure Precision Time Protocol (PTP) over IRB:

  1. Configure physical interfaces with Layer 2 encapsulation and create logical units with VLANs.

    Sample configuration:

  2. Configure physical interfaces on a bridge domain.

    Sample configuration:

  3. Configure a routing instance for the bridge domain where physical interfaces are members of the bridge domain.

    Sample configuration:

  4. Configure an IRB logical interface with IPv4 address.

    Sample configuration:

  5. Configure PTP boundary clock primary on IRB logical interface.

    Sample configuration:

You can use the following commands to monitor and troubleshoot the configuration:

  • show interfaces irb—View the configured logical IRB interface details.

  • show ptp master detail—View the configured primary and its status along with local and remote client details.

  • show bridge domain—View the configured bridge domain and the associated physical interfaces and IRB routing instance details.

  • show ptp lock-status detail—View the PTP lock status details.

  • show ptp port detail—View the PTP port details.

  • show ptp global-information—View the configured PTP parameters.

  • show ptp clock—View the PTP clock information.