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Configuring PTP Dynamic Ports for Ethernet Encapsulation

For PTP over Ethernet, you can also configure a port to function as both a client port and a primary port. This type of port is called a dynamic port, a stateful port, or a bidirectional port. Such a dynamic port enables the transfer of frequency for synchronization services, in addition to time and phase alignment, when PTP functionality is not hop-by-hop and you have provisioned primary and client roles or interfaces.

To configure PTP over Ethernet with dynamic or bidirectional ports for multicast mode of transmission, you must include the multicast-mode statement at the [edit protocols ptp stateful interface interface-name] hierarchy level.

To enable a node to function as both a primary and a client port in PTP over Ethernet networks:

  1. Configure the interface on which to respond to downstream PTP client ports or clients.

    For the configuration to work, the interface you specify must be configured at the [edit interfaces interface-name] hierarchy level.

  2. Configure the upstream multicast PTP dynamic clock source parameters.
  3. Specify the encapsulation type for PTP packet transport as Ethernet or IEEE 802.3. This statement is mandatory.

    Alternatively, specify the encapsulation type as Ethernet with the link-local multicast address to be used in the sending of PTP messages. If you specify the link-local attribute, the primary clock chooses either of the two MAC addresses defined in the IEEE 1588-2008 standard. When you configure this option, the system attempts to use the 01 -80-C2-00-00-0E MAC address (link-local multicast MAC address) for multicast transmission. If this MAC address is not available, the 01-1B-19-00-00-00 address (standard Ethernet multicast address) is used as the second priority. The standard Ethernet multicast address is used by default. You need to explicitly configure the link-local multicast address.

After you have configured the PTP over Ethernet client clock interface, enter the commit command from configuration mode.