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Configuring Loopback Interfaces for the DHCPv6 Layer 3 Wholesale Solution

You must configure loopback interfaces for use in the subscriber management access network. The loopback interfaces are automatically used for unnumbered interfaces.

To configure loopback interfaces:

  1. Edit the loopback interface.

  2. Edit the unit for the loopback interface that you want to use for the wholesaler.

  3. Edit the loopback interface family that belongs to the wholesaler.

  4. Specify the wholesale loopback interface address.

  5. Edit the unit for a retail loopback interface.

  6. Edit the retail loopback interface family.

  7. Specify the retail loopback interface address.

  8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 for additional retailers, making sure to use unique unit and address values for each retailer loopback interface.