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Configuring Multiple Non-Overlapping VLAN Ranges for Core-Facing Physical Interfaces

You can configure up to 32 non-overlapping inner VLAN ID swap ranges for each core-facing physical interface in a Layer 2 wholesale network with VLAN-OOB subscribers. VLAN IDs from the ranges are allocated to replace the outer VLAN tag on traffic received on the access-facing physical interfaces. The swap occurs before the subscriber traffic is forwarded to the network service provider (NSP).

You can add or remove ranges or increase or decrease the size of existing ranges even while Layer 2 wholesale sessions are assigned to the core-facing interface associated with the ranges. You cannot remove a range from which a VLAN ID has already been allocated. You cannot reduce a range if the new range excludes a VLAN ID that has already been allocated.

To configure multiple ranges per interface:

  • Specify the ranges.

You can configure the ranges in any order. For example, one way to configure three non-overlapping ranges on interface ge-0/1/1 is the following:

Regardless of the order of configuration, show commands display the ranges in ascending order from lowest to highest: