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Broadband Subscriber Management DHCPv6 Layer 3 Wholesale Topology and Configuration Elements

The network topology for the subscriber management DHCPv6 Layer 3 wholesale solution includes configuring separate routing instances for individual retailers that use a portion of the router. This solution uses a DHCPv6 local server configuration.


Only DHCPv6 local server is currently supported for DHCPv6 Layer 3 wholesale configuration.

To explain the concept, but to limit complexity, this solution provides a configuration with one wholesaler and only two retailers. Figure 1 illustrates a basic Layer 3 wholesale topology model from which you can expand.

Figure 1: Basic Subscriber Management DHCPv6 Layer 3 Wholesale Solution TopologyBasic Subscriber Management DHCPv6 Layer 3 Wholesale Solution Topology

A DHCPv6 Layer 3 wholesale network solution can use various combinations of the following configuration elements:

  • Subscriber network VLAN configuration

  • DHCPv6 configuration (local server only)

  • RADIUS server access configuration

  • Dynamic profile configuration for default (wholesaler) access

  • Dynamic profile configuration for retailer access (following subscriber redirection, if applicable)

  • Routing instance configuration for individual retailers

  • Group configuration and forwarding options for the network

  • Core network configuration