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Overriding the Dynamic Profile Used for an Individual VLAN

You can override dynamic profile assignment to individual VLANs that are already part of a previously defined VLAN range. This functionality provides a type of exception to an assigned VLAN range. It enables you to configure individual VLAN IDs to use a different dynamic profile from the one assigned to the VLAN range that includes the individual VLAN ID.

To configure dynamic profile override for a specific VLAN:

  1. Access the interface on which you want to create a dynamic profile override.
  2. Access the interface automatic configuration hierarchy.
  3. Access either the single-tagged or dual-tagged (stacked) VLAN ranges that you want to modify.


  4. Define the override statement along with the VLAN tag that you want to override and the dynamic profile that you want to use when overriding the specified VLAN tag.