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Configuring Subscriber Packet Types to Trigger VLAN Authentication

By default, VLAN authentication is triggered by any of the packet types specified with the accept statement in the dynamic profile that instantiates the VLAN and subscriber interfaces. For certain business cases, you may want a more generic dynamic profile that includes several packet types, but in some situations want the VLAN to be authenticated for only a subset of your customers. You can use the packet-types statement to specify the desired subset.

To limit triggering of VLAN authentication to a subset of accepted packet types:

  • Specify one or more packet types that you want to trigger VLAN authentication.

For example, the following partial configuration shows how to specify that IP, IPv6, and PPPoE packet types trigger the creation of autoconfigured, single-tagged VLANs, but only IP and IPv6 packets trigger authentication:

  1. Access the VLAN dynamic profile for which you want to configure VLAN ranges.
  2. Specify the VLAN ranges for the VLAN dynamic profile.
  3. Specify the VLAN packet types accepted by the VLAN dynamic profile.
  4. Specify the subset of those packet types that you want to trigger VLAN authentication.