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Verifying Configuration and Status of Dynamic Subscribers and Associated Sessions, Services, and Firewall Filters


Verify configuration and status of dynamic subscribers, sessions, services, and firewall filters.

You can display information about subscribers in different ways, depending on the options you use with the show subscriber command. You can use details from one set of output with another command to display more detailed information of interest.


  • To display basic information for all subscribers:

  • To display more detailed information about a particular subscriber interface:

  • To display traffic information for firewall filters.

Instead of issuing successive commands to track the details for one subscriber interface, you can choose to display detailed information for all subscribers. However, the more subscribers you have, the more tedious it becomes to look through all the results for particular items of interest.

  • To display detailed information for all subscribers:


The output examples in this section show increasingly detailed information about dynamically created subscriber interfaces, including how many there are, what they are, and their characteristics; how many service sessions are active and what they are; whether firewall filters are attached to the sessions and what those filters are; and how much, if any, traffic is being filtered.

In the sample output shown here, the show subscriber command lists all the subscriber logical interfaces, including demux0.1073741826. You then display details about that interface and its associated subscribers with the show subscribers interface demux0.1073741826 extensive command. The Service Session Name fields for service sessions 25 and 26 in that output show two services are active on the interface, SUB-QOS and service-cb-content. The IPv4 Input Filter Name and the IPv4 Output Filter Name fields show that two filters have been applied to the service-cb-content session: content-cb-in-demux0.1073741826-in and content-cb-out-demux0.1073741826-out. You then use the show firewalls command to list the filters and see how much, if any, traffic is being filtered.