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Clearing Agent Circuit Identifier Interface Sets


Clear a specified dynamic agent circuit identifier (ACI) interface set configured on the router.


  • To clear a specified ACI interface set that has no active members:

    For example, the following command clears the ACI interface set named aci-1003-ge-1/0/0.4001:


The router dynamically creates an ACI interface set, if configured, when the first DHCP or PPPoE subscriber from a particular household logs in. However, the router does not automatically delete the ACI interface set when the last subscriber from that household logs out. As a result, you must use the clear auto-configuration interfaces interface-set command to explicitly clear the ACI interface set when it no longer has any active subscriber interface members. If you attempt to clear an ACI interface that still has active member interfaces, the router displays an error message and rejects the command.

When you specify the name of the ACI interface set to be cleared, you must use the ACI interface set name internally generated by the router, and not the actual ACI string carried in DHCP and PPPoE control packets. The router uses the following format to name ACI interface sets, as shown in the ACI interface set named aci-1003-ge-1/0/0.4001:



  • nnnn is a randomly generated 4-digit identifier (1003 in the example)

  • interface-name is the name of the dynamic subscriber interface (ge-1/0/0 in the example)

  • logical-unit-number is the logical unit number of the dynamic subscriber interface (4001 in the example)

To view the names of the ACI interface sets configured on the router, use the show subscribers command.