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Configuring PPPoE Service Name Tables

To configure PPPoE service name tables:

  1. Create a PPPoE service name table.
  2. (Optional) Configure the action taken for the empty service.
  3. (Optional) Configure the action taken for the any service.
  4. Assign a named service to the service name table and optionally configure the action taken for the specified service name.
  5. (Optional) Configure the action taken for an ACI/ARI pair associated with a service.
  6. (Optional) Assign a dynamic profile and routing instance to a service name or ACI/ARI pair to instantiate a dynamic PPPoE subscriber interface.
  7. (Optional) Limit the number of active PPPoE sessions that the router can establish with the specified service.
  8. (Optional) Assign a static PPPoE interface to an ACI/ARI pair to reserve the interface for exclusive use by the PPPoE client with matching ACI/ARI information.
  9. (Optional) Enable advertisement of named services in the PADO control packet sent by the router to the client.
  10. Assign a service name table to a PPPoE underlying interface.
  11. (Optional) Configure trace options for troubleshooting the configuration.