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Configuring Service Device Pools for Load Balancing PPPoE and LNS Subscribers

With dynamic L2TP network server (LNS) configuration, you can replace the services-interfaces with a service-device-pool in the tunnel-group for load balancing LNS subscribers. Optionally, you can use the service-device-pool statement for load balancing to dynamically select the inline services (si) interface for both bundle (PPPoE or LNS subscribers), and LNS member link, respectively.


The service-device-pool configuration enables interface overlap, which can result in over usage of the overlapped interfaces.

Before you begin, enable the inline service interfaces for all FPC slots and PICs. See Enabling Inline Service Interfaces for PPPoE and LNS Subscribers.

The following example shows how to configure two service device pools (pool1 and pool2) for inline services for load balancing bundle and LNS member link.

To configure two service device pools:

  1. Create the tunnel group.

    [edit services l2tp]user@host# set tunnel-group name

  2. Define the service device pools to assign si interfaces for load balancing.

    [edit services l2tp]user@host# set service-device-pool pool-name

The following shows sample output when all referenced FPC slots and PICs had been enabled for inline services: