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show network-access pcrf



Display Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) provisioning state and statistics information.


brief | detail | extensive

(Optional) Display the specified level of output.


(Optional) Display PCRF provisioning state.


(Optional) Display PCRF statistics.


(Optional) Display session ID and provisioning state for each PCRF subscriber.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show network-access pcrf command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show network-access pcrf Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Level of Output

Pcrf state

State of the PCRF components:

  • active—Installed services from local grant.

  • created—Just created.

  • dead—Received logout response or timed out waiting for logout response.

  • deny—Received deny from remote and waiting for subscriber logout.

  • failed—GRES before active state or provisioning failed, waiting for subscriber logout.

  • grant—Received remote grant and installing services.

  • local-active—Services installed after local grant.

  • local-deny—Denied by local decision waiting for subscriber logout.

  • local-grant—Received local grant and installing services.

  • local-reinit—Router is waiting for the CCA-GX-T so it can reinitialize the PCRF session. Local reinitialization must be configured on the PCRF partition.

    This state results from one of the following:

    • When a RAR is received while the PCRF is in local-active state.

    • When a RAR is received while the PCRF is in started state and no default service is configured.

    • When the provisioning-done event occurs while the PCRF is in local-reinit-early state.

  • local-reinit-early—The PCRF is engaged in provisioning services when a failure is detected or the PCRF server sends a RAR message of any type. The session transitions to local-reinit state when the provisioning completes. Local reinitialization must be configured on the PCRF partition.

  • logout—Waiting for logout response.

  • ocs-final-wait—Waiting for OCS to complete final interrogation.

  • report—Sending report.

  • update—Processing RAR-update.

  • upd-from-local—Received remote grant, in local-active state, and installing services.

  • started—Log in.

All levels

Pcrf general counters

Type and number of Diameter response and answer messages for PCRF communication using the Gx protocol.

All levels

Pcrf diameter event counters

State and number of Diameter events.

All levels

Pcrf rule install counters

Result and number of rule installations.

All levels


PCRF subscriber name.

All levels


Identifier for the PCRF session.

All levels

Sample Output

show network-access pcrf state

show network-access pcrf statistics

show network-access pcrf subscribers

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 16.2.