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Configuring the Mediation Device as a User on the Router

In order for the router to receive DTCP messages from the mediation device, you need to configure the mediation device as a user on the router. To do so, create a login class that provides flow-tap operation permission and then create a login account that uses the login class.

To configure the mediation device as a user on the router:

  1. Create the login class and configure flow-tap-operation permissions for the class.
    1. Specify that you want to configure login properties.

    2. Create and name the class.

    3. Configure the flow-tap-operation permission for the class.

  2. Create the user login account for the mediation device.
    1. Create the user account.

    2. Configure the user ID.

    3. Configure the class for the user account.

    4. Configure the authentication for the user account.