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Dynamically Attaching Statically Created Filters for Any Interface Type

Before you can attach a statically created filter using a dynamic profile.

  1. Create the filters you want to attach.

    See Firewall Filters Overview for information about classic firewall filters and how to create them. See Configuring Fast Update Filters for information about creating fast update filters.

  2. Create a basic dynamic profile.

    See Configuring a Basic Dynamic Profile.

You can dynamically attach statically created filters for any interface type. These filters apply to any interfaces that are created using the dynamic profile.


For an L2TP LNS on MX Series routers, you can attach firewall for static LNS sessions by configuring these at logical interfaces directly on the inline services device (si-fpc/pic/port). RADIUS-configured firewall attachments are not supported.

To dynamically attach statically created input and output filters for all interfaces created dynamically using the dynamic profile:

  1. Access the dynamic profile, interface, and unit that you want to use when applying the static filters.
  2. Specify the input filter for the interface unit.
  3. Specify the output filter for the interface unit.