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Reporting the Effective Shaping Rate for Subscribers

The Effective-Shaping-Rate VSA [26–177] provides the best estimate for a subscriber’s downstream traffic rate for accounting purposes. The VSA is included in RADIUS Acct-Start, Acct-Stop, and Interim-Acct messages. The reported rate is the rate enforced on the L3, L2, or L1 node according to local policy. The value of the VSA varies depending on your configuration:

  • Actual rate—When effective shaping rate reporting is enabled.

  • Advisory rate—When the advisory rate is configured and effective shaping rate reporting is not enabled.

  • Port speed—When the advisory rate is not configured and effective shaping rate reporting is not enabled.

When you disable reporting, the VSA reports either the advisory rate or port speed for both existing subscribers and new subscribers that log in after reporting is disabled.

To enable reporting of the actual downstream traffic rate:

  • Enable reporting.


When the traffic control profile for the subscriber specifies cell-mode, the effective shaping rate does not account for cell padding according to the encapsulation type. The rate includes the 48/53 cell tax.