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Configuring a Filter for Use with Enhanced Network Services Mode

For a statically-applied enhanced mode filter to function on statically created interfaces, you must include the enhanced mode statement in each filter. However, you do not need to configure the enhanced mode statement in filters that are dynamically applied to either static or dynamically-created interfaces.


For either static or dynamic interfaces to use enhanced network services mode, you must configure the router chassis network services to use either Enhanced IP Network Services mode or Enhanced Ethernet Network Services mode. By configuring chassis network services to run in one of the enhanced modes, the router enables only MPCs and MS-DPCs in the chassis. See Firewall Filters and Enhanced Network Services Mode Overview for details.

To configure a stateless firewall filter to use enhanced mode:

  1. Create or edit the stateless firewall filter.

    You can configure enhanced mode firewall filters for only inet and inet6 filter families.

    For IPv4:

    For IPv6:

  2. Specify the filter as an enhanced mode filter.
  3. Configure or modify any filter terms.

    See Example: Configuring and Applying a Simple Filter for a filter configuration example.