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Disabling RADIUS-Initiated Subscriber Secure Policy Mirroring

DTCP-initiated and RADIUS-initiated subscriber secure policy mirroring both use the radius-flow-tap service. If you remove the radius-flow-tap configuration, then both types of mirroring are disabled. You can use the dtcp-only statement to cause RADIUS requests to initiate mirroring for a subscriber to be rejected; the mirroring service is not activated. The statement has no affect on DTCP-based mirroring.

Existing RADIUS-initiated mirroring is not affected by the statement, so to be effective you must issue the statement before a RADIUS-initiated service is activated for the subscriber. DTCP-initiated mirroring and FlowTapLite services, which use DTCP, are not affected.

To prevent RADIUS requests from initiating mirroring:

  • Enable only DTCP support.