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Applying CoS Attributes to VLANs Using Agent-Circuit-Identifiers

To apply CoS attributes, such as shaping, at the household level, you must set and define the CoS policy for the ACI VLAN interface set using the dynamic profile for the ACI interface set (not the subscriber profile). You can also configure a traffic-control profile and a remaining traffic-control profile for a dynamic interface set.

The following example is a CoS profile for an ACI interface set using a unique-ID based dynamic scheduler map:

Configure a CoS dynamic profile with a simple traffic-control profile that is applied to the dynamic interface set that represents the ACI VLAN.

  1. Configure CoS to support a dynamic interface set in the CoS profile:
  2. Configure the interfaces.
  3. Configure the CoS traffic-control profile.
  4. Specify the interfaces.

The following example is a CoS profile for an ACI set using a unique ID-based dynamic scheduler map: