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Specify the DTCP attributes used in DISABLE messages to remove a drop policy created by a prior DTCP ENABLE command.

This DTCP message is supported for the radius-flow-tap service. It is not supported for the FlowTapLite service.


Consult the documentation for your mediation device to learn how to configure DTCP messages on the device.


Csource-ID: user-name

Username on the router. This username must be configured as a DTCP user on the router using the set system login class or set system login user statements.

Criteria-ID: variable

Value returned from a prior DTCP ADD that identifies the trigger on which to disable this drop policy.

Flags: flag

STATIC is the only flag supported.

X-Drop-Policy: variable

Name of the policy that determines which mirrored packets are no longer sent to the mediation device.

Required Privilege Level

Not applicable.

Sample Output


Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 12.3.