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Guidelines for Creating and Applying Parameterized Filters for Subscriber Interfaces

You can configure dynamic or static firewall filters. When you use statically configured firewall filters, you then dynamically apply those filters to statically created interfaces using dynamic profiles. You can also use dynamic profiles to attach input and output filters through RADIUS.

When creating and applying filters, keep the following in mind:

  • Dynamic application of only input and output filters is supported.

  • The filters must be interface-specific.

  • You can create family-specific any, inet, and inet6 filters.

  • You can create interface-specific filters at the unit level that apply to any family type (any, inet, or inet6) configured on the interface.

  • You can add or remove filters of different family types with the same service activation or deactivation.

  • You can remove one filter type without impacting the other type of filter. For example, you can remove IPv6 filters and leave the current IPv4 filters active.

  • You can chain up to five input filters and four output filters together.

  • If you do not configure and apply a filter, the interface uses the default group filter configuration.

  • You cannot modify a firewall filter while subscribers on the same logical interface are bound.