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Restrictions for Configuring Adjustment of CoS Shaping Rate and Overhead Accounting for Dynamic ACI Interface Sets

The following restrictions apply when you configure the router to use the Actual-Data-Rate-Downstream VSA and Access-Loop-Encapsulation vendor-specific attribute (VSA) values in PPPoE control packets to adjust the CoS shaping rate and overhead accounting attributes, respectively, for dynamic ACI interface sets and their associated agent circuit identifier (ACI)-based dynamic VLAN subscriber interfaces:

  • You cannot configure adjustment of CoS shaping rate and overhead accounting attributes based on Actual-Data-Rate-Downstream VSA and Access-Loop-Encapsulation VSA values that the router receives from the following sources:

    • RADIUS servers

    • Access Node Control Protocol (ANCP) access loop information

    • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) discovery packets

  • You cannot use this feature to report information about the PPPoE VSA values to RADIUS.

  • You cannot use this feature to configure CoS adjustment of upstream data traffic on a dynamic ACI interface set.