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Interface-Shared Filters Overview

Interface-shared filters can be defined statically or dynamically, but can only be applied using dynamic profiles, and are supported for both client and service sessions. The same interface-shared instance can be attached to multiple interfaces only if these interfaces reference the same interface-shared filter name and have the same shared name.

The shared name can be taken from either the $junos-interface-set-name variable or the $junos-svlan-interface-set-name variable, where the values of the variables are provided by the related client session or service session. For example, if the $junos-interface-set-name variable is defined as the shared name, the same interface-shared filter instance is attached to all logical interfaces that belong to the interface set defined by the variable of that session. Similarly, if $junos-svlan-interface-set-name is defined for the shared name, all logical interfaces that belong to the VLAN interfaces set defined by the session's variable share the same interface-shared instance.

With VLAN subscriber interfaces that use the agent-circuit-identifier information, many subscribers share the same underlying logical interface. Because some of these subscribers are related to each other as part of the same household, you must apply an interface-shared filter to the subscriber logical interfaces that make up the household to be able to filter and police these related subscribers at a household level. All interfaces that share the same interface-shared filter instance share the same set of counters and policer actions.

The base filter name of a parameterized filter is assigned depending upon the profile name and the contents of the filter definition. Therefore, when an interface-shared filter is used with parameterized filters, all service sessions that want to share the same instance of an interface-shared filter must have the exact same parameterized filter and profile. A service session uses a different instance of the interface-shared filter if either the parameterized filter or the profile is different.