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Fast Update Filter Actions and Action Modifiers

Table 1: Fast Update Filter Actions and Action Modifiers

Action or Action Modifier




Accept the packet.

action-terms string-of-actions

A series of multiple actions or action modifiers. Enclose the string within quotation marks and use semicolons to separate entries. For example, action-terms “log; count http-cnt”;. Dynamic profile variables are not allowed in the string.


Drop the packet silently, without sending an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) message.


Do not add this term to the filter. All match conditions and actions are ignored.


Port mirror packets.

routing-instance routing-instance

Forward packets to specified routing instance.

Action Modifiers  

count counter-name

Increment the specified counter.

forwarding-class class

Classify the packet into one of the following forwarding classes: as, assured-forwarding, best-effort, expedited-forwarding, or network-control.


Log the packet header information.

loss-priority (high | medium-high | medium-low| low)

Set the loss priority level for packets.

policer policer-name

Rate-limit packets based on the specified policer.