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Request information that is returned in a LIST response. The response lists triggers only. It does not return sessions that are being mirrored. This DTCP message is supported for both FlowTapLite and radius-flow-tap services.


Consult the documentation for your mediation device to learn how to configure DTCP messages on the device.


You can ignore the following fields in command output: AVERAGE-BANDWIDTH, MATCHING-PACKETS, MATCHING-BYTES, and NUM-REFRESH. The LAST-REFRESH field shows the time when the corresponding DTCP ADD request was processed.


Csource-ID: user-name

Username on the router. This name must be configured on the router.

Cdest-ID: variable

ID of the mediation device.

If a LIST DTCP command is sent with multiple Cdest-IDs, the error 400 Bad Request is displayed.

Flags: flag

BOTH is the only flag supported. This field must be included in the LIST message for the LIST request to not be rejected until Junos OS Releases 14.1R4 and 14.2R2. Starting with Junos OS Release 14.1R5, 14.2R3, and 15.1R1, the Flags field is not a required parameter in the DTCP LIST message. The LIST request is not rejected if the LIST message does not contain the Flags field. If the DTCP LIST message contains the Flags field, the value of that field is processed. If the LIST message does not contain the Flags field, the CRITERIA field parameter is used for the Flags field.

Starting with Junos OS Release 12.3, when more than one CDest-ID parameter is present in the DTCP LIST or DELETE DTCP commands, the error code 400 (Bad Request) is returned in the response, instead of the error code 431 (Unknown Content Destination).

Seq: sequence-number

Number added by the mediation device. DTCP messages contain a monotonically increasing sequence number for each successive message.

Authentication-Info: ssh-authentication-string

String used when you are using SSH to connect to the router.

Required Privilege Level

Not applicable.

Sample Output