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Configuring Service PICs

An MS-MPC must have a service interface configured as a service PIC in order to provide subscriber-aware services, such as the policy and charging enforcement function (PCEF), application detection and control, or HTTP header enrichment. Repeat this procedure for each service interface that you want to serve as a service PIC.

Before you begin to configure a service PIC:

  • Make sure that you installed the predefined groups.

  • If the service PIC is not part of a redundant group, make sure that you have configured the service interface on the MS-MPC.

  • If the service PIC is to function as a member of a redundant group, make sure that you have configured an aggregated multiservices (AMS) interface with the service interface as a member interface.

To configure a service PIC:

  1. Add the MS-MPC service interface to the list of service PICs.

    where interface-name is amsn if you have redundancy configured and is ms-fpc/pic/0 if you do not have redundancy configured.

  2. Perform one of the following actions:
    • If application identification is required but not HTTP header enrichment, configure the tdf-services-xlp-dpi group to run on the PIC.

    • If both application identification and HTTP header enrichment are required, configure the tdf-services-xlp-dpi-with-hcm group to run on the PIC.

  3. (Optional) For Next Gen Services, enable subscriber awareness. This steps loads MSS, PCEF, HCM (all subscriber related plugins) on the PIC.