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Changing Static Time-of-Day Settings for PCC Rules

This procedure shows how to enter maintenance mode to make changes to static time-of-day activation and deactivation settings or to apply those settings to PCC rules and rulebases.

To make changes to the static time-of-day activation and deactivation configuration:

  1. From configuration mode, activate maintenance mode for the gateway.
  2. Verify that the gateway is in maintenance mode.

    The service mode shows Maintenance—Active Phase if all the sessions are cleared. The service mode shows Maintenance—In Phase if some sessions are active. The service mode shows Maintenance—Out Phase if maintenance mode is not configured, and the gateway is in operational mode.

  3. Modify the time-of-day profile settings, the assignment of time-of-day profiles to rules and rulebases within a PCEF profile, or both, and commit the changes. See Configuring Static Time-of-Day PCC Rule Activation and Deactivation in a Junos OS Subscriber Aware PCEF Profile.
  4. Exit maintenance mode.
  5. Verify that changes were properly committed.
    • To view a PCEF profile configuration:

    • To view a time-of-day profile configuration: