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Deleting a Session PIC

This procedure shows how to delete a session PIC using maintenance mode at the [edit unified-edge gateways tdf gateway-name system session-pics interface] hierarchy level. The session PIC can be an aggregated multiservices (AMS) interface. Session PICs process control plane messages on a broadband gateway.

Before you delete a session PIC using maintenance mode:

  • Make sure that this change has been coordinated with affected groups and users.

To configure maintenance mode and session PIC deletion:

  1. Verify the current status of maintenance mode for this session PIC.

    The service-mode option displays the information details about maintenance mode as well as status.

  2. From configuration mode on the TDF gateway, place the interface in maintenance mode.
  3. Verify that the session PIC is in active maintenance mode where configuration changes are accepted for this object and all of its subhierarchies.

    All subscribers serviced by the session PIC must go to zero. You can wait for these conditions to be met, or use the clear command for the interface (or gateway) to force these conditions.

  4. Delete the session PIC.
  5. Exit maintenance mode after committing the changes.

    Deletion of a session PIC automatically exits maintenance mode for the deleted PIC.