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Changing Address Attributes in the Address Pool

This procedure describes how to place an address pool of a virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) instance in maintenance mode, allow all existing sessions using this pool to gracefully terminate, and then delete or modify pool attributes (for example, change address ranges in a pool).

To change address attributes in the address pool:

  1. From configuration mode, activate maintenance mode for an address pool.
  2. Verify that all subscriber sessions have ended.

    The service mode shows Maintenance – Active Phase if all the sessions are cleared. The service mode shows Maintenance – In Phase if some sessions are active. The service mode shows Maintenance – Out Phase if maintenance mode is not configured (that is, it is in operational mode).

  3. (Optional) Terminate existing sessions using the clear command.

    When the subscriber count is zero and all sessions have terminated, the service mode status indicates Maintenance – Active phase. In this state, you can modify address pool attributes and commit changes.

  4. Make changes to the pool.
  5. Verify that changes were properly saved.

    These modifications, if made outside of active maintenance mode, fail.

  6. Exit maintenance mode to return to normal operational mode.
  7. Return the gateway to operational state.