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Simulating On-Demand Fibre Channel Link Load Rebalancing (Dry Run Test)

On-demand Fibre Channel (FC) link load rebalancing on an FCoE-FC gateway is a disruptive action that causes sessions to log out of the network, then log back in to be placed on FC links (NP_Ports) in a balanced manner. The number of sessions logged out to rebalance the links depends on the load-balancing algorithm used (simple, ENode-based, or FLOGI-based) and whether or not the load is already balanced. (If the link load is already balanced, the switch does not rebalance the loads when you request on-demand load rebalancing.)

You can use the dry-run option to list the sessions that might be affected (logged out to be redistributed among the active FC interface links) by on-demand load rebalancing before you actually rebalance the link load. (Because new sessions might log in between the time you perform a dry run and the time you request on-demand load rebalancing, the affected sessions may change. Therefore, the sooner that you perform an on-demand load rebalance after you perform a dry run, the more accurate the dry run results are likely to be.)