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Supported Standards for Segment Routing

Junos OS substantially supports the following RFCs and Internet drafts for Segment Routing.

  • draft-agrawal-spring-srv6-mpls-interworking-06, SRv6 and MPLS interworking

    Supports service interworking.

  • draft-ali-spring-sr-traffic-accounting, SR traffic matrix accounting (Partial support)

    Supports counter only.

  • draft-bashandy-rtgwg-segment-routing-ti-lfa, Topology Independent Fast Reroute using Segment Routing

  • draft-bashandy-rtgwg-segment-routing-uloop, Microloop Avoidance using Segment Routing

  • draft-barth-pce-segment-routing-policy-cp-05, PCEP extension to support Segment Routing Policy Candidate Paths

  • draft-filsfils-rtgwg-segment-routing-use-cases-02, Segment Routing Use Cases

  • draft-filsfils-spring-sr-policy-considerations-05, SR Policy Implementation and Deployment Considerations

  • draft-filsfils-spring-sr-traffic-counters, SR traffic counters

  • draft-ginsberg-isis-prefix-attributes, IS-IS Prefix Attributes for Extended IPv4 and IPv6 Reachability (Partial support)

  • draft-ietf-bess-srv6-services-07, SRv6 BGP based Overlay Services

  • draft-ietf-idr-bgp-prefix-sid, Advertise BGP segment for a BGP Prefix

  • draft-ietf-idr-bgpls-segment-routing-epe, BGP-LS extensions for Egress peer traffic engineering using SR

  • draft-ietf-idr-segment-routing-te-policy, Advertise SR-TE policies via BGP

  • draft-ietf-idr-segment-routing-te-policy-09, Advertising Segment Routing Policies in BGP

  • draft-ietf-lsr-flex-algo-11.txt, IGP Flexible Algorithm (Partial support)

    Supports IS-IS only.

  • draft-ietf-lsr-isis-srv6-extensions, IS-IS Extensions to Support Segment Routing over IPv6 Dataplane

  • draft-ietf-ospf-segment-routing-extensions, OSPF extensions to distribute SR segments

  • draft-ietf-pce-segment-routing, PCE extensions to setup a SR-TE path from the controller (south bound)

  • draft-ietf-isis-segment-routing-extensions, ISIS extensions to distribute SR segments

  • draft-ietf-rtgwg-segment-routing-ti-lfa-04, Topology Independent Fast Reroute using Segment Routing

  • draft-ietf-spring-conflict-resolution, Segment Routing MPLS Conflict Resolution

  • draft-ietf-spring-ipv6-use-cases, Use Cases for IPv6 Source Packet Routing in Networking (Partial support)

  • draft-ietf-spring-resiliency-use-cases, Resiliency use cases in SPRING networks

  • draft-ietf-spring-segment-routing-msdc, BGP-Prefix Segment in Large Scale data centers (Partial support)

  • draft-ietf-spring-segment-routing-central-epe, SR Centralized BGP Egress Peer Engineering

  • draft-ietf-spring-segment-routing-mpls, Segment Routing details with MPLS forwarding

  • draft-ietf-spring-segment-routing-policy, SR policy for TE (Partial support)

  • draft-ietf-spring-segment-routing-policy-07.txt, Segment Routing Policy Architecture

  • draft-kaliraj-idr-bgp-classful-transport-planes-12, BGP Classful Transport Planes

  • RFC 4971, Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Extensions for Advertising Router Information (Partial support)

    Supports counter only.

  • RFC 5286, Basic Specification for IP Fast Reroute: Loop-Free Alternates

  • RFC 7471, OSPF Traffic Engineering (TE) Metric Extensions

  • RFC 7490, Remote Loop-Free Alternate (LFA) Fast Reroute (FRR)

  • RFC 7684, OSPFv2 Prefix/Link Attribute Advertisement

  • RFC 7752, North-Bound Distribution of Link-State and Traffic Engineering (TE) Information Using BGP

  • RFC 7855, Source Packet Routing in Networking (SPRING) Problem Statement and Requirements

  • RFC 8102, Remote-LFA Node Protection and Manageability

  • RFC 8277, Using BGP to Bind MPLS Labels to Address Prefixes

  • RFC 8287, LSP Ping/Traceroute for Segment Routing

  • RFC 8402, Segment Routing Architecture (Partial support)

  • RFC 8403, A Scalable and Topology-Aware MPLS Data-Plane Monitoring System

  • RFC 8426, RSVP-SR coexistence

  • RFC 8570, IS-IS Traffic Engineering (TE) Metric Extensions (Partial support)

    Supports link delay related parameters.

  • RFC 8571, BGP - Link State (BGP-LS) Advertisement of IGP Traffic Engineering Performance Metric Extensions

  • RFC 8604, Interconnecting Millions of Endpoints with Segment Routing

  • RFC 8660, Segment Routing with the MPLS Data Plane

  • RFC 8661, Segment Routing MPLS Interworking with LDP

  • RFC 8663, MPLS Segment Routing over IP (Partial support)

  • RFC 8665, OSPF Extensions for Segment Routing

  • RFC 8690, Clarification of Segment ID Sub-TLV Length for RFC 8287

  • draft-xu-mpls-sr-over-ip, MPLS Segment Routing over IP (Partial support)

  • RFC 8919, IS-IS Application-Specific Link Attributes (Partial support)

  • RFC 8986, Segment Routing over IPv6 (SRv6) Network Programming

  • RFC 9085, Border Gateway Protocol - Link State (BGP-LS) Extensions for Segment Routing

  • RFC 9086, Border Gateway Protocol - Link State (BGP-LS) Extensions for Segment Routing BGP Egress Peer Engineering

  • RFC 9256, Segment Routing Policy Architecture

The following RFCs do not define standards, but provide information about Segment Routing and related technologies. The IETF classifies them variously as “Experimental” or “Informational.”

  • RFC 6571, Loop-Free Alternate (LFA) Applicability in Service Provider (SP) Networks

  • RFC 9087, Segment Routing Centralized BGP Egress Peer Engineering