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Appendix: Resources

SUMMARY Read this topic to get additional details about Junos OS upgrade.

Additional References

If you need more information on Junos OS upgrade, you can check out resources listed in the following table.

If Your Query Is About See

Junos OS software support for features

Feature Explorer

Suggested Junos OS Release for the device

Junos Software Versions - Suggested Releases to Consider and Evaluate

Managing insufficient space on device during an upgrade

Verifying Available Disk Space on SRX Series Devices

Firmware Upgrade PoE

Understanding OS Upgrade versus Firmware Upgrade

How to upgrade from Junos X version to Junos Y version?

Know your Upgrade Paths

How to handle if primary partition becomes corrupt?

How to Copy OS from Primary Partition to Secondary Partition if the Primary Partition is Corrupt

System outage during upgrade

Upgrading a Chassis Cluster Using In-Service Software Upgrade

How to Upgrade an SRX Cluster with Minimal Down Time

ISSU/ICU upgrade limitations on SRX firewalls

Licensing Information on SRX Series Devices

Flex Software License for SRX Series Devices

Configure advanced security features on SRX Series devices

Get Up and Running with Advanced Security Services

Hardening a Junos device and understanding the rationale for, and possible impact of, doing so.

Hardening Junos Devices at Day One Books
Get started with configuring security features. Day One+

What's Next

Now you can get started with configuring new features on your security device. See complete documentation at TechLibrary.