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Hierarchy Level


Configure packet forwarding options. The packet forwarding option specifies that data is forwarded to the specified forwarding destination.



IPv6 match for ERACL, source or destination. The default is destination only.

  • srcip6-and-destip6—Match on both the source and destination.

  • srcip6-only—Match on source only.


Set the firewall profile.

  • default-profile—Set the profile to support default services.

  • evpn-mh-profile—Set the profile to support EVPN-MH.

  • mef-profile—Set the profile to support MEF services.

  • profile-one—Selects profile one feature set.

  • profile-two—Selects profile two feature set.

forwarding-profile (default-profile | host-acl-profile | host-profile | lpm-profile)

Configure the profile for the unified forwarding table.

  • default-profile—MAC: 32K, L3-host: 32K, LPM: 720K, FP-Compression: 18K. Restarts PFE.

  • host-acl-profile—MAC: 160K, L3-host: 160K, LPM: 65K, FP-Compression: 18K. Restarts PFE.

  • host-profile—MAC: 160K, L3-host: 160K, LPM: 72K, FP-Compression: 0. Restarts PFE.

  • lpm-profile—MAC: 32K, L3-host: 32K, LPM: 1.24M, ARP: 61K, FP-Compression: 0, Tunnels: 0. Restarts PFE.


Set the hardware database profile.

  • (balanced | balanced-exem | l2-xl | l3-xl)—Select the profile type. Restarts PFE.

  • (Mandatory) lpm-distribution (1 | 2 | 200 | 3 | 4)—Specify route distribution between public and private (VRF/VPN) routes in longest prefix match (LPM). Default is 1.

    • 1—Set the LPM distribution to 1
    • 2—Set the LPM distribution to 2. Not valid for the balanced profile.
    • 200—Set the LPM distribution to 200. Valid only for the balanced profile.
    • 3—Set the LPM distribution to 3. Not valid for the balanced profile.
    • 4—Set the LPM distribution to 4. Valid only for the l2-xl profile.
internal-forwarding-bandwidth Set the internal forwarding bandwidth.

(QFX5120 only) Enable software-based IPFIX processing, used to enable flow-based telemetry for VXLANs. Must reboot for this option to take effect.


Set the L2 profile.

  • fast-flush-profile—Set the profile to support fast flush.


Set link aggregation group (LAG) configuration mode.

  • default-profile—Allow to create 256 LAGs and maximum 64 members per LAG.

  • lag-mode-high—Allow to create 1024 LAGs and maximum 16 members per LAG.

  • lag-mode-medium—Allow to create 512 LAGs and maximum 32 members per LAG.

mcast-repl-type Set multicast replication type. Restarts PFE.

Enable MEF Forwarding Profile, restart PFE


Set the multicast profile.

  • strict-ttl-check-profile—Set the profile to support strict TTL check for multicast traffic.


Enable multicast statistics support.

no-ip-tos-rewrite (ACX7100 only) Disable L3 code point rewrite at system level, restart PFE.

Packet format match conditions based on VLAN tags and MPLS labels. The default match is an untagged packet with one or two labels.

  • mpls-packet-format-2—Untagged packet with one label.

  • mpls-packet-format-3—Untagged packet with two labels.

  • mpls-packet-format-4—Single tagged packet with one or two labels.

  • mpls-packet-format-5—Single tagged packet with one label.

  • mpls-packet-format-6—Single tagged packet with two labels.

  • mpls-packet-format-7—Untagged or single tagged packet with one label.

  • mpls-packet-format-8—Untagged or single tagged packet with two labels.


Specify the system-profile

  • default-profile—Select the default system profile

  • vxlan-extended—Select the vxlan-extended system profile

  • vxlan-stitching—Select the vxlan-stitching system profile


Enable warm boot support.

Required Privilege Level

interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced prior to Junos OS Release 21.1R1 and Junos OS Evolved Release 21.1R1.

no-ip-tos-rewrite option introduced in Junos OS Evolved Release 22.1R1.

ipfix-sw-mode option introduced in Junos OS Release 22.2R1.