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Configuring Load Balancing Based on MAC Addresses

The hash key mechanism for load-balancing uses Layer 2 media access control (MAC) information such as frame source and destination address. To load-balance traffic based on Layer 2 MAC information, include the family multiservice statement at the [edit forwarding-options hash-key] hierarchy level:

To include the destination-address MAC information in the hash key, include the destination-mac option. To include the source-address MAC information in the hash key, include the source-mac option.


Any packets that have the same source and destination address will be sent over the same path.


You can configure per-packet load balancing to optimize VPLS traffic flows across multiple paths.


Aggregated Ethernet member links will now use the physical MAC address as the source MAC address in 802.3ah OAM packets.


ACX Series routers do not support VPLS.