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Software Installation and Upgrade

  • Base OS update (MX Series)—Starting in Junos OS Release 24.2R1, Junos OS uses the FreeBSD main base OS. This upgrade provides improved security and better performance. In earlier releases, Junos OS used the FreeBSD Release 12 base OS.

  • In-band ZTP management in campus fabrics (MX304)—Starting in Junos OS Release 24.2R1, you can simplify the provisioning process for campus fabrics. Already provisioned upstream devices, such as core and distribution devices, that are capable of detecting downstream Day 0 devices can provide Layer 3 connectivity. With Layer 3 connectivity, the downstream Day 0 devices can proceed with Secure ZTP.

    To configure in-band ZTP management, enable the in-band-ztp statement at the [edit system services] hierarchy on your core and distribution devices. Optionally, your cloud controller can provide the in-band-ztp configuration as part of the provisioning process for your core and distribution devices.

    See Zero Touch Provisioning

  • Migration of Linux OS version—Starting in Junos OS Release 24.2R1, the following devices support Wind River Linux LTS22:

    Table 1: List of devices that support Wind River Linux LTS22


    Routing Engines Supported

    MX240, MX480, and MX960


    MX2010, MX2020




    MX10008, MX10004




    MX10003 JNP10003-RE1



    Starting in Junos OS Release 24.1R1, in order to install VM Host image based on Linux WR LTS22, you have to upgrade the i40e NVM firmaware version to 9.1 or later.