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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for vSRX Virtual Firewall.

Flow-Based and Packet-Based Processing

  • Virtual routing instance configured on ingress interface will drop the ICMP traffic. PR1742739

  • Buffer leak when PMI sends out packet on egress interface with MTU smaller than the packet length. PR1758208

  • In NAT46 or NAT64 scenario, the packet that trigger NDP or ARP learning might get dropped. PR1759202

  • Multicast packets of specific size between 663 to 676 bytes getting dropped. PR1761891

General Routing

  • Traffic drop caused by Packet Forwarding Engine memory leak on SRX Series Firewall devices. PR1738656

  • Memory leak in PKID. PR1739342

  • Add FQDN-name counter in the show services user-identification identity-management status output. PR1745588

  • Junos OS: SRX Series and EX Series: Multiple vulnerabilities in J-Web can be combined to allow a preAuth Remote Code Execution PR1758332


  • Junos OS: EX and SRX Series: A PHP vulnerability in J-Web allows an unauthenticated to control important environment variables (CVE-2023-36845) PR1736942

  • J-Web certificate management issues. PR1738316

  • J-Web gets stuck with loading message 'Please wait, syncing data from device'. PR1756252

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • Delay in getting IP through DHCP cause traffic loss. PR1752804

User Interface and Configuration

  • The load replace operation might result in mustd and mgd process pause. PR1740289